Cork Cycling Festival

Sunday, 27th July
12.00 World War I Cork
15.00 Wrap Party and BBQ
15.00 Bike Portraits

Look out for the print programmes around town, but if you can’t find one, download the PDF!

EVENT UPDATE — The Blarney Touring Cycle will leave at 11.00 on Tuesday, 22nd July NOT 9.00!!

Cork Cycling Festival – 19th-27th July 2014

Get in gear for the 7th Cork Cycling Festival!

Cycling is for everyone – it’s the most efficient, cost-effective, enjoyable, social, independent form of transport there is. It is also the best way to enjoy this fabulous city we live in. It’s a quality of life thing – and expressive too. What does your bike say about you? Don’t got no bike? There’s never been a better time!

Cork Cycling Festival is a celebration of bicycle culture in Cork, welcoming all ages and walks of life with a special focus on family-friendly events. The festival is run by a voluntary team who just love bikes as a great way to get about and want to inspire more people to cycle.

We’re not about lycra and speed, we’re about enjoying the sensation of the wind in your hair while you’re going where you want to go, stopping where you want to stop, whenever, wherever.

The festival is in its 7th year and our voluntary organising team is busy planning a week of great free activities. If you would like to get involved please contact Sarah at


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